The Eastern Isles

The Eastern Isles, formerly known collectively as Arkenash, are the native region to the Dwarven race of Eddumos. The Isles are primarily seen as a mining colony to the Western World in the modern era, due to the unusually high deposits of minerals, ores, and other precious materials. 

While the Dwarves are the only civilized race native to the Isles, nearly all other sentient races of Eddumos have found a place to settle in the untapped wilds.

The Wood Elves comprise the majority of the Elven race found here, and have made a home among The Melurien Wood under their leader, Dracius Thistlemane.

Gnomes have forged a place alongside other, more dominant races, in the Grand Glass City of Kandor with Ginzic Tinkfizz as their Lord.

Humans and Half-breeds (Half-Elves and Half-Orcs) can be found throughout the rest of the Eastern Isles' civilized lands.

The politics of the region are largely undeveloped, with many towns an cities still struggling against the forming dominion of Orilon, the self proclaimed Capitol of the Eastern Isles. Originally the Dwarves ruled Arkenash from Alftand in the Northeast. Over time, the Dwarves became outnumbered and lost control of the Islands to the masses of other Western cultures seeking their fortunes in the mines of the East. While the Dwarven Empire began around 3,000 years ago, the Western power shift began happening only 600 years or so ago.

The Eastern Isles

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